ARE YOU ON THE LIST? Jasper Crews to Begin Roadwork on Multiple Roads Starting Tuesday


JASPER -- The Jasper Street Dept, along with its contractor, RejuvTec , will be applying a Reclamite preservation solution to streets beginning on Tuesday, August 6 at 7:30 a.m. & will run thru approximately 5:00 p.m. each day.

This process will continue for several days throughout the week, with the possibility of extending into next week due to weather conditions or any other unforeseen events.

The affected streets will not be closed, however, there will be delays.

All vehicles will need to be removed from the street being treated prior to 7:30 a.m.  

This is a short procedure in which the application is applied & then sand is applied on top, at which time motorists will be allow to travel the affected street, however extreme caution is advised while traveling on the sanded area.  The sand is then removed within 2 days.  

Affected residents will be notified (via door hanger) in advance of the treatment on their street.

Reclamite is an asphalt rejuvenating emulsion that restores the original binder back to its proper balance.

Trash, Recycling & Yard waste collection will proceed as normal.

The affected streets are as follows:  (not necessarily in this order)

        Meridian Rd – north & south of SR164 from Hemlock Dr to Bohnert Park

            Hochgesang Ave – from Brames Rd to Justin St

            Pleasant View Dr – from Newton St to Sunset Dr

            Westwood Blvd – from Northwood Ave to the end of Westwood Blvd

            36th St – from Hartford Dr to Hwy 231

            Main St – from 3rd St to the south end of 5th St

            Kunkel Ave – from Schuetter Rd to dead end of Kunkel Ave

            4th Ave (west of Hwy231) – Hwy231 to west end of 4th Ave

            McKinley Ave – from 1st Ave to 4th Ave (entire road)

            1st Ave – from Truman Rd to Hwy231

            Clay St – from 2nd St to Wernsing Rd

            Skyview Dr – from Shiloh Ln to the south end of Skyview Dr

            Theresa Ct – from Skyview Dr to the dead end of Theresa Ct

            W 4th St – from Clay St to St John St

            W 13th St – from Wilson St to Emily St

            W 7th St – from Bartley St to MacArthur St

            Rumbach Ave – from Meridian Rd to 3rd Ave

            Cobblestone Rd – from St Charles St to Schuetter Rd

            S Newton St – from Veterans Bridge to Hwy162

            Scenic Ct – from South of Pleasant View Dr to the Police Post