Annual Hunters for the Hungry Program Provides Donated Deer Meat to Local Families in Need

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AREAWIDE -- Local hunters will have the opportunity to do what they love while helping needy families in the area.

“The Hunters for the Hungry program was established by the Dubois County Sportsmen’s club to help farmers and hunters and everyone else with harvesting deer and donating it to area food banks so people in need can get high quality protein from the venison,” says WITZ General Manager Gene Kuntz.  He started the Hunters for the Hungry Program in Dubois County.   

“It’s all processed by one of three processers either Sanders Processing in Celestine, Ohio Valley Caviar in English or Cannelburg Processing in Cannelburg.  Hunters who legally harvest deer can take those deer to one of those three processors.  Tell them you want to donate it to the Hunters for the Hungry.  The processing with be paid for through a Sportsmen’s benevolence fund grant.  Those processors call the area food banks in their specific counties or areas and then the meat is ground into hamburger, packaged and frozen and the food banks come directly to the processors and pick it up.” 

And, to sweeten the pot, “ Dr. Greg Gordon at Jasper Optical Lab has always been gracious enough to donate a gun.  Everybody that donates a deer is eligible to win that firearm.  If you donate more than one deer, you get more than one chance to win the gun.

The annual program is a much needed lifeline for many families in the area, and your donation stays right here in the community.

“Part of the Dubois County Sportsmen’s Club philosophy is that we are here to help out the community.  We raise funds through our annual gun raffle, which we hold in January each year.  We sell tickets for that to raise money.  We donate money back to the community.  It’s a way for us to help the community.  Hunters are very generous people as a rule anyway.  Many hunters will only eat maybe one or two deer themselves but they still like to hunt.  So, this gives them the opportunity to go out and continue hunting and donate that meat to somebody who really needs it."

The Hunters for the Hungry program officially kicked off its season yesterday.  If you have any questions, you can contact Gene Kuntz here at the radio station (812) 482 – 2131.