America's First Audience-Participation Drone Show to Debut at Holiday World

 America’s first audience-participation drone show will debut at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari on June 22. Holidays in the Sky drone and fireworks spectacular will feature 500 drones, and a daily Guest vote will determine one of the show’s final scenes. This is the third consecutive year Holiday World has hosted a drone show, and each year the show has returned with more drones and completely new animations and music. Holidays in the Sky will run 44 nights, weather permitting, at 9:00 pm CDT from Saturday, June 22 through Sunday, August 4. 

"We were pioneers in the theme park drone show field,” says Leah Koch-Blumhardt, Fourth-Generation Owner and Director of Communications. “When Holidays in the Sky debuted in 2022, only two other parks in North America had drone shows. Now, the major Orlando parks are introducing drone shows, and we’re staying ahead of the curve with interactive light-up toys and the first audience participation in a drone show.” 

QR codes will be available around the park for Guests to vote for which of the parks’ four mascots will be featured in the show that night. Voting will begin when the park opens each day and concludes at 5:00 pm CDT. 

The best views of the drone and fireworks spectacular are from the Party Plaza, located North of the Good Gravy! and Stuffing Springs area. Guests are encouraged to come early to enjoy the DJ Dance party that begins at 8:30 pm CDT every evening. 

“You don’t want to miss the Party Plaza experience,” adds Lauren Crosby, Fourth-Generation Owner and Director of Entertainment & Events. “It’s so fun to dance along with the DJ Dance party, and the interactive bubble wands make the dance party and the drone show even more amazing!”

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