"KEEP WATCH:" Jasper Police Launch New Program Aimed at Keeping The City Safe


JASPER -- The Jasper Police Department has launched a new program called “Keep Watch – Keeping Jasper Safe.”

It allows homeowners and businesses to register their doorbell or surveillance cameras. 

"Everybody has Ring doorbells or security systems that they're starting to put in the house" says Jasper Police Chief Nathan Schmitt.  "We're just going to keep a master list of who has security cameras and, if there's a crime being committed and we think maybe they could have caught it on their camera, we will reach out to them and request they review the video or maybe they want to give us access to the video but we would never be able to review the video without permission."

And the benefits of participating in the new program?  Chief Schmitt says, "It's two fold.  One, it helps us solve crimes.  Two, it allows people, if we reach out to them, to know what is going on in their neighborhood."

For more information or questions please call the Jasper Police Department at 812-482-2255.  To register your camera go to the following link and click on the logo for Keep Watch: https://www.jasperindiana.gov/department/index.php…