“Beating The Winter Blues” Presentation at Ferdinand Library

Ferdinand- Jenna Bieker Jones, Psychotherapist, from Rooted Counseling & Consulting will be at the Ferdinand Library on November 8th from 6:30-7:30PM EST to help individuals better understand why they may be experiencing a mental health dip in the winter and provide useful tips on how to help prevent/reduce that experience. 

Ms. Bieker Jones will be talking about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but the presentation is not intended to professionally diagnose anyone, as Participants would have to complete a thorough assessment with a Licensed Professional in order to receive that. The goal of the evening is to help bring together individuals that are experiencing negative symptoms or know someone who is and help them reduce that impact so they can have happy, healthy lives in all seasons!

Attendees will receive a chance to win a book: “Winter Blues: Everything You Need To Know To Beat SAD 4th Edition“  by Norman Rosenthal

More information is available on the Ferdinand Library’s Facebook page or on their website, www.jdcpl.us

The Ferdinand Library is open M-TH from 9-8, F from 9-5 and S from 9-2. Contact the Library at 812.367.1671 with any questions.