Jasper Tennis Doubles Team of Giesler and Mundy claim State Championship

(State Champions Paige Giesler and Reese Mundy surrounded by teammates and coaches atop a fire engine in Ireland, IN. Photo: Justin Howard/WITZ Radio)

By Kris Norton

- In a second-set comeback, Paige Giesler and Reese Mundy defeated Fishers 6-3, 6-4, marking back-to-back state championship wins for the Wildcats in the Doubles State Finals.

For senior Paige Giesler and junior Reese Mundy, even the two-and-a-half trek home from Indianapolis wasn't enough time for the moment to sink in.

"It kind of feels unreal," said Giesler. "I feel like I'm not even comprehending it right now, I feel like it'll sink in later tonight when I'm about to go to bed. It's an adrenaline high right now, that's for sure."

"I still am in shock, even when we got off the court earlier, it still just didn't hit me," Mundy said. "The bus ride home just felt surreal."

For Jasper, Saturday's win marked the second consecutive Girls' Tennis Doubles State Championship. Early in 2024, the team formed the new number-on doubles pairing of Giesler and Mundy, having the title-winning duo of Brailyn Whaley and Allie Schnarr graduate in 2023.

Jasper Head Coach Scott Yarbrough says this year's team turned to last year's crew for inspiration.

"It was funny, we got a little superstitious," Yarbrough said. "We wore the same coaching attire, they wore the same outfits as they wore last year... It was just a really good day. The girls played so well."

The State Quarterfinals appearance begin with a Friday 6-0, 6-0 win over Evansville Central. Saturday morning, Jasper defeated Guerin Catholic.

But, in Saturday's finale after securing the first set, 6-3, momentum swung to Fishers' way.

The Tigers jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the second set. But, timely shots by the Wildcats shifted momentum, and the State Title, back to Jasper.

"We made a few good shots to start off that fourth game of the second set and it really just got us pumped up, and we were yelling, screaming, happy about it," said Giesler.

The Cats would take the next five games, opening up a 5-3 lead, en route to a 6-4 victory.

The audio story as aired on WITZ Radio and photos along the way can be found below:

(Image via Jasper Athletics: Paige Giesler (left) and Reese Mundy (right) walk to the net at North Central High School.

(Screengrab: Reese Mundy and Paige Giesler embrace after their State Finals win, as seen on IHSAATV.com)

(Screengrab via IHSAATV.com: Jasper Girls' Tennis Team huddles around State Champions Paige Giesler and Reese Mundy.)