CONSUMER ALERT -- Twitter Users Told to Change Passwords

STATEWIDE -- If you're on Twitter, change your password.

Twitter is notifying users it goofed. The file where it stores passwords is supposed to be masked, but a bug left them in regular text for several months. Twitter says there's no sign anyone got access, but it's recommending you change your password as a precaution.

Graig Lubsen with Indiana's Office of Technology says that's probably a good idea anyway. He says the office's cybersecurity division recommends taking advantage of Twitter's two-factor authentication option, which sends an alert to your phone to confirm it's you logging in.

Unlike recent data breaches like those at Target or Equifax, the Twitter snafu wouldn't expose your personal information. But you still don't want hackers tweeting stuff under your name. And Lubsen notes some people use the same password for everything.