TRI-CAP Announces Plans to Reopen For Pap Smears and Other "Physical Needs"


JASPER -- TRI-CAP Family Planning Clinics, located in Jasper and Evansville, have continued to serve clients throughout COVID-19.  

"Our services are primarily available via phone to protect staff and clients from the virus," the group said in a statement released this week.  "Beginning on June 1, we will begin allowing clients inside the building for pap smears, IUDs, Nexplanon, and other physical needs."

As TRI-CAP begins seeing patients in their clinics, officials are taking extra precautions:

Limited Entry

·      To limit traffic in the waiting room, we will check you in from your car.  When you arrive, phone our office to begin your appointment.  We will do most of your appointment via phone and will let you know when it is time to enter the building. 

·         At this time, in most cases only the patient will be allowed to enter.  For teens and those who require a support person, one adult may be allowed.  No children will be allowed. 


·         All patients and their support person (if allowed) must wear a mask throughout the entire visit.  Cloth or other home-made masks are acceptable. If you arrive without a mask, we will provide one.

New Patient Paperwork

·         Please arrive 30 minutes early and be prepared to fill out paperwork in your car. 

Safe Environment

·         We are performing diligent hand washing and extra cleaning precautions of surfaces and instruments.

·         All patients and their support person (if allowed) will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entry.

Prior to your appointment, staff will assess patient needs by phone to determine if an in-person visit is your best option.  In most cases, a telemedicine visit is a great option. 

Please do not delay seeking care when an issue is most treatable.  Patients can rest assured, their safety is our number one priority.  We also recognize that your household income or insurance coverage may have been impacted by COVID-19.  Patients may be eligible for reduced fees, medications, and/or free insurance enrollment assistance.  Please talk with our staff to learn more. 

Our Family Planning services include annual women’s exams, birth control options (including natural family planning, pills, shots, IUDs, and Nexplanons), STD testing and treatment for men and women, plus sexual health counseling and education.  All of our clinical services are offered on a sliding scale fee.  We accept all forms of health insurance. 

Please call our Jasper office at 812-482-2233, ext 144 or our Evansville office at 428-2189, ext 1 for an appointment. 

TRI-CAP’s health, housing, and education services change lives, empower families, and improve communities.  To learn more, go to