Still No Date Set For Special Legislative Session

INDIANAPOLIS - Three weeks after Governor Holcomb announced he'd call legislators back for a special session, the exact date still hasn't been set.

Holcomb said last month he'd set a date for the special session after his March 28 return from a trade mission to Canada. It hasn't happened yet, but Holcomb says it'll be somewhere around May 15. That's when legislators will be coming back anyway for their annual "technical corrections day" to clean up typos and other minor errors in the bills they passed.

Holcomb's asked legislators to pass school safety funding, an emergency loan for the Muncie schools, and a tax code revision to bring Indiana in line with federal tax reform. He says he's "encouraged" at legislative leaders' declarations that they hope to keep the session to a single day.

That goal could be making it harder to lock down a date for the session. To gavel in and out in one day, legislators would have to agree in advance on the texts of the bills. They'd also have to waive rules requiring at least a day between calling bills for amendment and conducting a final vote.