Stens Corporation Leaving Jasper

By- Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Jasper- The Stens Corporation has announced they will be moving their corporate headquarters from. 

Arrowhead Engineering, who Stens joined in 2016, made the announcement on Monday, January 16th. The group recently announced the opening of a 54,000 square foot warehouse in Portland, Tennessee. According to a release, 400 full-time jobs will be created within the company in July of 2023. 

Arrowhead’s Senior Director of Communications, Rebecca Shaffer, spoke with us.

“Arrowhead has been growing over the course of the last several years,” shared Shaffer, “As part of our extensive review of our North American facilities in our distribution network, we determined that the best way to serve our customers and to get one-to-two-day shipping was to build this mega facility and Portland, Tennessee was identified as the best spot for the location.”

The move will affect 70 employees according to Shaffer. 

“We (Arrowhead) know many of these employees have a long tenure,” Shaffer explained, “We value their tenure, we value their contribution. “

Shaffer said employees will be offered positions at the new location or remote positions. She also shared the company is offering “stay bonuses” as well. 

Stens has been a part of the Jasper community for over fifty years. In words to the community, Shaffer said, “We’re very grateful for the partnership with the community. We’ve been there for over fifty years. Though we’re moving, many of our employees will be remaining in Jasper as remote employees. Our Jasper warehouse has a tremendous workforce. Really great people with a strong work ethic.”

The move will take place in the fall of 2023, according to Arrowhead.