Spencer County Voter Turnout in November Among Highest in the State

From Local Sources

STATEWIDE -- Voter turn out for the November mid-terms was 51-percent in Indiana.

That's according to the numbers released by Secretary of State Connie Lawson, who says that the highest voter turnout in 20-years.

Lawson's office says Indiana has about 4.5 million registered voters, and 2,308,258 of them cast a ballot. That is the highest midterm turnout since 1994.

Not surprisingly, Marion County had the highest number of Hoosiers vote, but the highest turnout was in Henry County with 64-percent of registered voters voting. Spencer County had the second most with 62-percent showing up on Election Day or voting absentee.

The lowest turnouts were in Switzerland and Newton Counties with only 46-percent of registered voters casting ballots.