Special Prosecutor Could Investigate AG Hill's Sexual Harassment Accusations

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INDIANAPOLIS -- A special prosecutor is being sought to investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

A motion has been filed by Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry for a special prosecutor to be appointed by a judge. Hill has publicly asked that Curry conduct an investigation of the accusations. But Curry says under state law that can't happen.

"I am a client of the Attorney General," Curry explained. "Under state statute, the AG represents us in in litigation that has been filed against us. Since the Attorney General is currently representing us in two lawsuits, it would be inappropriate for my office to conduct an investigation."

This is why Curry has filed a motion for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigated the allegations against Hill. The motion comes as State Inspector General Lori Torres is conducting her own inquiry into the matter at the request of Governor Eric Holcomb.

Holcomb has called for Hill's resignation along with several other high profile Republicans and Democrats.

So far no criminal charges have been filed against Hill, who has saiid he has not been given "due process" in the matter after all the calls fro his resignation. However, Curry brings up another point.

"Due process only applies to a criminal proceeding or taking someone's property," Curry added. "Whatever has occurred up to this point, in my mind, does not implicate any due process considerations."

A special prosecutor will likely be appointed by a Marion County judge soon.