Severe Weather Outbreak Possible Into Weekend

By: David Shepherd, Dir. of News & Public Information, Forecaster                                                                        PHOTO:

AREA WIDE -- The National Weather Service is warning our area about a potential severe weather outbreak this weekend.

The storms will pick up forward speed on Friday night as the roll through Moline, Illinois; St. Louis; Little Rock, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; Shreveport and Alexandria, Louisiana; and Houston.

The storms may bring the full spectrum severe weather ranging from high winds, large hail, flash flooding, frequent lightning strikes and perhaps a tornado.

On Saturday, the severe weather setup is likely to be complex in that clouds and rain from Friday night's thunderstorms may race eastward and limit severe weather in parts of the Midwest and South, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski.

"Two or three separate areas of severe weather may evolve on Saturday," Pydynowski said. "Where the sun is out long enough to allow some heating, ahead of the push of cooler air is where the greatest risk of severe thunderstorms will be."

Here in Dubois County and surrounding communities, another threat will be flooding as 1-2 inches of rain could fall Saturday into Saturday night, especially if storms gather strength, as they are expected to do.

WITZ will continue to follow developments from our various weather sources.  If a watch is issued, the newsroom will activate its "Live Newsblog" here on our brand new