Seven Arrested on Various Meth Charges in Washington

From Local Sources 

WASHINGTON -- Multiple people have been arrested in Washington Indiana in drug charges.

The first arrests took place on Friday.  Police found meth, syringes, marijuana and paraphernalia at the scene of a crash on E. Main Street.  Police say an infant was in the vehicle.  45-year-old David Mandenbach and 36-year-old Misty Bohnert were arrested on a number of drug charges.

Later that evening, police reported to a Washington apartment on a report of drug activity.  Police found just over 15 grams of meth and items commonly used to distribute the drug.

64-year-old Thomas Searl was arrested on dealing and possession charges.

And a joint meth investigation led to even more arrests.  A search warrant was executed at a home on Sunset Drive.  Inside, police found meth and items used to distribute.

32-year-old Adam Conger, 38-year-old Danny Halter, and 39-year-old Lori Frank were all arrested on a number of charges including dealing and possessing meth.

21-year-old Josephine Henson was arrested and charged with possession and maintaining a common nuisance.