Sen. Messmer Talks About New Indiana Laws That Take Effect July 1st

From Sen. Mark Messmer 

STATEWIDE -- State Senator Mark Messmer (R-Jasper) is reaching out to constituents to inform them of new laws that will take effect July 1st.

You can read more on the new laws from Sen. Messmer below......

During the 2019 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly passed many bills to improve our state. Most of these bills went into effect when signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb or will go into effect July 1.

Here are some of the laws that will take effect July 1.  

Senate Enrolled Act 1, which I co-authored, expands the legal rights of foster parents by allowing them to be heard in court cases involving the children in their care.

Senate Enrolled Act 551, which I authored, increases protections for victims of abuse in Indiana by addressing and closing several loopholes in current law. These changes will help better protect young Hoosiers from predators.

House Enrolled Act 1284, which I sponsored, allows a person to register to vote at a police station while they are there to apply for a gun permit.

House Enrolled Act 1211, which I sponsored, makes dismemberment abortions illegal unless necessary to prevent a serious health risk to the mother or to save the mother’s life.

Senate Enrolled Act 110 enhances the penalty for dealing drugs near a substance-abuse rehabilitation program.

House Enrolled Act 1607 allows a person to get a protective order against someone who has been harassing them. Previously, one could only get a protective order against someone who had committed violence against them.

Senate Enrolled Act 243 makes it a crime to distribute an intimate image of another person without their consent.

Senate Enrolled Act 216 allows direct family members of returning veterans to be eligible for in-state tuition at Indiana public universities, even if they have never lived in Indiana before.

Senate Enrolled Act 85 increases retirement benefits for police, firefighters and emergency personnel who retire after July 1.

For more information on these laws and others passed by the General Assembly, click here.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about these new laws or other issues, please contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-382-9467.