Richard Boyd Selected as New Director of Santa Claus Parks & Recreation

SANTA CLAUS -- The Santa Claus Parks & Recreation Department has hired Richard Boyd as the new Parks & Recreation Director.

He resides in Santa Claus with his family and is involved in youth sports with his children. He is familiar with the community center and Yellig Park, and eager to enhance and grow current programs and events.

“I think our quality of life is truly measured in how we interact with one another. And, with this position I have the opportunity to build a foundation structured around community health and wellness, youth engagement and activity, and forming strong community relationships here in Santa Claus.” says Richard Boyd, Director of the Santa Claus Parks & Recreation.

 Richard received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville in Health and Human Performance. He went on to earn a Master of Business Administration, with a marketing focus, from Bellarmine University.

The Santa Claus Parks & Recreation Department oversees Jim Yellig Park and the Santa Claus Community Center.

 Its mission is to provide a healthy and enjoyable facility to the citizens of Spencer County