Police Investigating After Someone Stole Collection From Teen With Cerebral Palsy

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GREENWOOD, Ind.- Detectives are trying to figure out who stole thousands of dollars worth of sports memorabilia from a Johnson County teenager living with cerebral palsy.

Jack McGee's bedroom is decorated with photos of him rooting on the Cubs and posing with the Stanley Cup. His sister, Bridget, says Jack kept his sports memorabilia in that same room until a thief or thieves broke in while the McGees were away Thanksgiving weekend.

"It's just hard to think that someone would ever want to do that to someone as sweet as Jack," Bridget said.

The McGees are a Greenwood family, but they root for Chicago teams.

"He likes the Cubs the best," Bridget said.

Over the years, Jack's built up quite a collection including a football signed by Mike Ditka and a baseball signed by Andre Dawson.

Both of those were stolen along with four other balls, an autographed puck and three jerseys signed by Chicago Blackhawks.

"It was definitely just really sad. Most stuff can obviously be replaced but obviously this stuff was specifically given to Jack, so that can't easily be replaced," Bridget said.

Jack's dad posted the story to Facebook and someone passed it along to the Blackhawks. A team representative reached out and said the team will replace whatever items they can for Jack.

"They were so quick. No questions asked. 'Of course, we want to help out.' We really respect their team and we'll continue cheering for them," Bridget said.

And now Jack - with the help of his communications device - has a message for the Hawks: "Thank you."

Jack's dad, Mike McGee, said the thief or thieves also took Christmas presents and a safe with auto titles and savings bonds.