Police Investigate Photo of Gun and Threatening Statement at Jasper Middle School


JASPER -- “Students and staff were never in any danger;” that word today from Greater Jasper school officials regarding an incident at the middle school Tuesday.

Officials say a student sent a photo of a gun and a threatening statement to another student.

That student reported it to school officials; who then completed a threat assessment and called JPD.

Authorities say the student did the right thing reporting the incident.  They always encourage students to follow a “See Something, Say Something” approach.

Parents are also urged to talk with their kids about the appropriate use of technology and outcomes of inappropriate use.

Since it was determined there was no danger, school events went on as planned Tuesday, including the evening’s back-to-school community block party.


Jasper Middle School Administrators were made aware that a student sent a picture of a gun with a threatening statement to another student. An investigation into the threat and a formal threat assessment were completed by school administrators and the Jasper Police Department was contacted. Both the school and police department will continue to investigate the situation with consequences for the student . It has been determined that students and staff were never in any danger.

The student making the report did the right thing by reporting the issue. Students are always encouraged to follow a “See Something, say Something” approach with safety concerns.

The use of technology and social media as a means to harass or intimidate is not a laughing matter and will result in both school and legal consequences for students who choose to make the choice to do so. We encourage parents to talk with their children about the appropriate use of technology and social media, as well as the outcomes of inappropriate use.

The Jasper Middle School Block Party will continue as scheduled. Again, students, families and community members are encouraged to attend and participate, as there is no concern for the safety of participants.