Over 20 Jasper Roads to Close For Liquid Road Project

From Local Sources

JASPER -- The Jasper Street Dept. along with its contractor, Seal Master, will begin the next phase of our Asphalt Pavement Preservation Project (Liquid Road), beginning on Monday, July 9, barring inclement weather or any other unforeseen events.

This surface coating is similar to seal coating, but is thicker, more durable & designed to wear/last longer than ordinary seal coating.

 Motorists will not be allowed on these streets when Liquid Road is being applied & until dry.

 Affected Residents will be notified via a door hanger the day before the application begins.

 Residents are asked to please have all vehicles removed from garages, streets & driveways prior to 7:00 A.M. on the day which the application is applied to your street remain out until the street is re-opened, as vehicles will not be allowed on these streets during this process.

Each street affected will be closed for approximately 2 days, depending on weather & material drying conditions.

Following is a list of those streets which will be affected: (will not necessarily be processed in this order)

            E 16th St – from Greene St to Leopold St

            E 16th St – from Leopold St to Dewey St alley

            Brandon Ave – from Brames Rd to Justin St

            Charlotte Ave – from 3rd Ave to Herbig Ln

            Herbig Ln – from Genevieve Ave to Charlotte Ave

            Charlene Dr – from Shiloh Ln to Skyview Dr

            Sara Ct – from Gregory Ln to the Cul-de-sac

            Gregory Ln – from Kluemper Rd to Hannah Ln

            Brian Ct – from Gregory Ln to the Cul-de-sac

            Lechner Ln – from Gregory Ln to Hwy 56

            1st St – from Kluemper Rd to the east dead end

            3rd St – from Newton St to Clay St

            5th St – from Newton St to Clay St

            Clay St – from 8th St to 9th St

            Clay St – from 9th St to 10th St

            Seymour St – from 6th St to 7th St

            2nd St – from Newton St to Main St

            2nd St – from Newton St to Clay St

            29th St – from St Charles St to Bittersweet Dr

            Northwood Ave – from Bittersweet Dr to Lakeside Dr

            43rd St – from Baden Strasse to Rhine Strasse

            42nd St – from Wilhelm Strasse to Baden Strasse

The Jasper Street Dept. would like to thank all those affected, for your patience and cooperation during this project.