Online Movement Underway to Make Dubois County a 2A Sanctuary County


JASPER -- Some Dubois County residents want to make the county a 2A Sanctuary County.  A new Facebook group is calling for the move.

 The group's mission statement is to  "Stand united to help protect the Constitution and the Second Amendment against laws that infringe on our rights as US citizens. It is our duty to teach and inform the public through updates, current events, and facts."

Simply put, the group says, it means that if county law enforcement deems a law is against the constitution or Second Amendment, they don’t have to enforce it.

Organizer Kristopher Mundy says making Dubois County a 2A Sanctuary County would send a message to elected officials that residents here believe in the Right to Bear Arms and will do what they can to protect it.  

The group already has over 1,200 online members.

They are hoping to start a petition urge the county commissioners to pass local Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances.

A similar effort is underway in Martin County.  Organizers there expect a large crowd at their first meeting on February 12th at 7 p.m. at the Martin County Community Building.

CLICK HERE to view the Dubois County group