Officials Warn Area Farmers About Fire Risk as Dry Conditions Continue With Harvest Beginning

AREA WIDE -- The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is urging area farmers to use caution as harvest begins due to the dry conditions.  

During harvest, dry conditions, coupled with hot farm equipment, can pose an added risk for farm-related fires, according to a statement released by IDHS.

SDA Director Bruce Kettler urges farmers not to cut corners on their safety inspections and to take extra precaution in the coming months. 

“Farm vehicles get hot and dusty during harvest season,” Kettler said. “Knowing that, it’s important to keep this equipment clean from dust and debris, and to inspect fuel lines and electrical systems regularly. These are important steps farmers can take to ensure their safety and the safety of others.”

Burn bans are currently in effect in Spencer, Warrick, Crawford, Perry, Lawrence and Jackson Counties.

You can see a map of the counties that are seeing the driest conditions.