OEA Rules Company Didn't Comply With Public Records Requests in Fight Against Coal-to-Diesel Plant in Dale


DALE -- A potential setback for Riverview Energy as the Office of Environmental Adjudication rules against them in a hearing brought by two local groups.

Citizens For Quality of Life and Valley Watch oppose the company’s plan to build a coal-to-diesel plant in Dale.  The hearing was in regards to the groups’ public information requests on documents pertaining to the construction and operation of the plant.

The OEA ruled IDEM failed to comply with laws requiring the disclosure of public records when it failed to provide requested documents until after the hearing on a permit was held.

"[Not providing the documents] makes me suspicious," says Mary Hess, president of Citizens for Quality of Life.  She tells news director David Shepherd, "We should have had that information because of our comments.  We should have the right to make comments on all of the emissions, and all of the scientific information that they have themselves."

It’s not clear how the recent ruling will impact the overall plans to build the coal-to-diesel plant.  It’s believed, however, IDEM may be ordered to reconsider the permit that would allow the project to go forward.

We’ll hear more from the group and their plans to stop the plant from being built Monday on WITZ Radio News.