Oakland City University Opens Work Area at LIVEwire in Jasper For Adult Education Programs


JASPER -- Oakland City University has opened a working area in the LIVEwire Co-Working Space on East 13th Street in Jasper.

"We've done this in other places in Indiana; doing it for almost 20 years.  We've got a lot of experience offering these off-campus, adult-oriented education programs," explains Ron Dempsey; President of Oakland City University.  "Folks that are working, folks that want to upscale , whatever it may be.  We're glad to come to Jasper because it's such a great place.  We get lots of students on our campus from Jasper."

Dempsey explains, the new off campus work-space means students in Jasper to "come take classes.  They'll be able to come utilize the resources we have here at LIVEwire to study, to print, to do whatever they need to do in order to make the requirements they have for those particular courses."

The new Oakland City office is located at LIVEwire at 402 East 13th Street in Jasper. 

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