No Specific Threat, But Indiana Officials Prepare For a Potentially Violent Weekend at the Statehouse


STATE HOUSE--There have been no credible threats about Indiana specifically, but Gov. Eric Holcomb and State Police Superintendent Doug Carter say the state is ready in case any violent protests happen.

The FBI has warned that such protests are possible, beginning this weekend. They could happen through Inauguration Day, Wednesday.

"As of right now we do not have any direct information associated with events that could occur in Indiana," said Carter. "But, that could change in the next 60 second."

Carter said the state police have been meeting with intelligence partners, like the Indianapolis Metro Police Dept. He said he believes they have a good plan, should violence happen at the Statehouse, or anywhere else.

"I recognize that there's a lot of concern out there, and rightfully so. I really want that to be my worry, not yours."

Carter said his team has "leaned in" to what they believe, based on what they've seen since last week's riot at the U.S. Capitol.

"It will be all hands on deck, I can assure you. We have a really strong relationship with the Indiana National Guard, with the Dept. of Homeland Security, both at the state leval and the federal level."

Carter would not discuss any specifics about their plan.

Holcomb said he wanted to be clear that a peaceful expression of opinion is welcomed.

"We will be not just prepared, but ready to do everytthing that we need to be doing to maintain law and order," he said. "We haven't had some of the same election issues that have been called into question...We will have a presence that's appropriate to the situation."

He said essentially, that he believes Indiana can show the rest of America how peaceful protests are done.