NEW DETAILS: Officials Name New Provider to Receive Grant After Original Provider Abruptly Closes in Jasper


JASPER -- We’re learning more today about how the closure of New Visions Counseling Center in Jasper will impact a state grant.

Last week, we told you the facility closed just days after it was announced it would provide free substance abuse services as part of a $60,000 state grant.

Superior Court Judge Mark McConnell tells me the grant was not earmarked for a specific provider, and a new group, Playful Healing in Jasper, has been selected to provide the free services.   It’s all part of the county’s new “I Need Help” initiative.

"The money is a big barrier for most.  Some have insurance; that can be helpful, but there are a lot of insurance companies that don't cover substance abuse disorders," explains Shannon Knight with Playful Healing.

If you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you can contact Playful Healing about the free services that are covered under the $60,000 state grant.  They can be reached at (812) 449 – 7367. 

$5,000 of the grant will go to educating local law enforcement.  The remaining funds will be used to provide some free services at Playful Healing.

To seek help, there are several ways to do it, including by calling local law enforcement or.....

 Dubois County Probation Department (812) 481 - 7075

Community Corrections (812) 481 - 2440

Court Alcohol and Drug Program (812) 482 - 5342

New Visions Counseling (812) 556 - 0182

In the second new program, the courts will partner with Lifespring Health Systems and New Visions to provide up to a $1,000 worth of substance abuse counseling for free to convicted offenders.

They have to be recommended for the care by the Alcohol and Drug Program.

All funds are on a first come, first serve basis.