Mold Problems Continue in IU Dorms, University Working to Address It

WITZ Radio News is an affiliate of Network Indiana 

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Mold in dorm rooms on the campus of Indiana University has been a growing problem in the last year.

IU President Michael McRobbie said Tuesday at his 12th state of the university address that they are on top of it. McRobbie said as of Tuesday the school has been working with a third party vendor to "re-mediate" 285 dorm rooms with around 140 rooms left to clean.

"We have provided temporary housing for students and will continue to do so until all rooms have been re-mediated and air sampling confirms all rooms are safe," McRobbie said. "We will also have a claims processing procedure up and running by the end of this week."

McRobbie said if you file a legitimate claim to the university which says you or your child had to go to the hospital for treatment for a respiratory illness related to mold in a dorm room, the school will reimburse your hospital bills in full.

He also said students who had to spend money to move out of affected dorms before October 15th, will also be fully reimbursed.

You can find how to file a claim on the IU's website at