Messmer Selected to Serve on CSG National Task Force Subcommittee

From Statehouse Sources 

STATEHOUSE -- State Sen. Mark Messmer (R-Jasper) has been selected to participate on a subcommittee of the Council of State Governments’ (CSG) national Future of Work Task Force.

“The CSG Future of Work Task Force will bring together a diverse group of state officials to explore how states can best navigate the challenges and opportunities of the new economy,” CSG Executive Director David Adkins said. “The task force will examine how technology creates new jobs and eliminates existing jobs, and it will share success stories and best practices and provide guidance on how states can best embrace the innovative and ever-evolving opportunities in the new economy.”

Messmer will serve as a member of the Workforce of Tomorrow Subcommittee. The subcommittee will explore policy options to ensure state workforces can accommodate the shifting needs of employers and employees alike in the face of technological disruptions from automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the expansion of the “gig economy.”

“I’m very excited to serve as a member of this subcommittee,” Messmer said. “Our workforce and economy are always evolving, and I think it’s important state lawmakers stay as up-to-date on these issues as possible. By taking part in this subcommittee, I hope to bring back some ideas and policy initiatives that help improve Indiana’s workforce.”

The work of the task force will take place across a two-year timeline with key findings and recommendations studied and shared during task force meetings, some of which will be held at the annual CSG National Conferences.

In addition to the Workforce of Tomorrow Subcommittee, the other Future of Work Task Force subcommittees are Smart Government; What’s Next? Embracing the Future; and Equity and Inclusion. Each subcommittee has two co-chairs and 10 members.

“CSG is proud of its role as a trusted convener of state officials and is committed to a data-driven, consensus-based process in all of its public policy work,” said Kelley Arnold, CSG chief communications officer.

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