Memorial Day Travel Could Hit You Hard at the Pump

STATE WIDE--Indiana's gas average of $3.04 per gallon is not really being influenced by the state's 10 cent gas tax hike. Patrick DeHaan, with, said that once a tax increase is in place, it no longer influences the price. The problem is with OPEC.

OPEC, the world-wide agency that controls the production and sale of petroleum, stifled the production of oil in 2015 and 2016.

"It's been months in the works really," said DeHaan. "They cut production and over the last 17 months global oil inventories have been plunging and that's pushed oil prices up over time to the point that, hello summer and hello higher gas prices."

As for Indiana's gas tax, DeHaan said it's much less than the 23 cent per gallon jump in New Jersey, due to their high gas tax increase.

"Just be glad you're not New Jersey," said DeHaan. "Now New Jersey is one of the more pricey areas, whereas Indiana, well, you still can shop around and find lower prices, especially in Southern Indiana."

He said Illinois' gas tax is six cents cheaper than Indiana's, while Ohio has a low gas tax, 14 cents cheaper.