Mayor Vonderheide Talks Courthouse Square Project

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Jasper- The ongoing Courthouse Square and Revitalization project will not be as far along as initially hoped.

City of Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide shared the second quadrant will not be completed in the fall. The second quadrant, which is the northwest section of the courthouse square, was originally planned to be completed by Thanksgiving. Material shortages played a role in the delay.

“That was primarily due to materials that we weren’t able to get in,” Said Mayor Vonderheide. “Even with this first quadrant (northeast section), we are struggling with some materials arriving to get it completed by the deadline.”

As of now, it appears the second quadrant will be completed in the spring of 2023, and the entire project in September or October.

Part of the construction is the removal of the curbs that sit out front of the merchants and courthouse. Instead, various types of planters will be used as barriers. The curbed planters have a lip around the edges that line the streets to act as a barrier.

With the recent accident involving Sturms Hardware, questions have been raised if the planters will be enough protection for the various merchants along the square.

“No, obviously the curb didn’t stop that individual from running into Sturms, but there will be barriers,” Mayor Vonderheide responded when asked if there are any concerns from his office or other officials, “The barriers are large planters and are very heavy that will be in place. So, that does not concern me whatsoever.”

Mayor Vonderheide emphasized the importance of supporting the local merchants on the square. The hope, according to the Mayor, is to shut down construction and remove all barriers in early November for the Thanksgiving shopping season.

The Square is open and so are the merchants, even as construction continues. Construction and traffic signage has been posted to help guide you.