MasterBrand Huntingburg Operations Wins Prestigious Safety Award.

By: Matt Crane with the Dubois County Free Press

HUNTINGBURG -- MasterBrand Huntingburg Operations won the 2019 Governor’s Workplace Safety Award for mid-sized companies.

They received the Rising Star Award which highlights an organization that has improved the impact on employee safety and health. 

The Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards recognize Hoosier workplaces that have made employee safety and health a deep-rooted component of their culture. The awards provide acknowledgment to companies based on outreach and education, innovation and partnership.

Huntingburg Operations were rewarded for their employee participation and engagement, leadership engagement and support, system implementation and reduction in recordable incidents.  

The award ceremony took place in Indianapolis and was presented to the team by the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Labor, Rick Ruble. 

The awards are open to all Indiana workplaces, regardless of size or number of employees affected by the safety and health management program. The review committee does recognize the limited resources of smaller companies and evaluates overall effectiveness of the program, processes and techniques relative to the organization’s size and available resources. To qualify, applicants or nominee must be deemed free of compliance disputes concerning all applicable local, state and federal statutes and regulations.