Local Business Owners Set to Retire; They Hope a New Owner Will Keep the Doors Open

From Local Sources 

DUBOIS -- Owners of Butchie’s Restaurant and Bar in Dubois say they are ready to retire after over 50 years in business.

The owners, both in the 70’s, hope someone wants to purchase the restaurant.

They describe it as a very successful turn-key restaurant and bar with a 3-way liquor license.

The owners will even share all of their recipes and train the new owners for a few months for free.

The owners said they are not closing their doors; adding, they will continue to serve customers like they always have until a new owner comes along.

 You can read the full Facebook post below....

As tough as it is to admit, Diana and I are both ready to retire. We have put our heart and soul into serving our customers since 1966. 

We are very proud of the successful business we have built. We owe all of that success to our amazing customers and employees. 

We are both now in our 70’s and would like to enjoy our retirement years soon. If any of our wonderful customers have a desire to purchase a very successful turn-key restaurant and bar business with a 3-way liquor license, please contact us at 812-678-2591 daily 10 am to 1 pm, or evenings at 812-678-3161 (answering machine at this number). 

We are willing to share all of our recipes and train the new owners for a few months for free. We want the new owners to be just as successful as we have. If you happen to know any friends or family in larger cities, who would like to own a successful restaurant and bar near Patoka Lake, please feel free to share this post with them. 

Please rest assured, we are not closing our doors. We will continue serving our customers just as well as we have the past 53 years, until a new owner comes along. 

Thank you to all of of our amazing customers who continue to support us!