Lifeline Medical Alert Assistance Services

Jasper– Staying safe and independent as you age are goals many of us share. Older adults and individuals with chronic medical conditions risk losing the ability to live safely in their homes due to the increased need of assistance.

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center offers Lifeline, a medical alert assistance service for those who wish to live independently in their homes, while maintaining an immediate emergency link to a 24/7 Response Center, where trained personnel can talk to the resident immediately and activate the subscriber’s emergency response plan if needed.

With Lifeline, the resident has a communicator unit attached to the telephone (the HomeSafe wireless option is ran off of AT&T Services) and a portable button that is worn around the neck or on the wrist (wrist option is not available for AutoAlert Services).  If assistance is needed, the portable button is pushed, which sends an electronic message through the telephone to the 24/7 Response Center.

Lifeline also offers additional services. Lifeline with AutoAlert provides all of the benefits and functionality of the standard service while also providing an added layer of protection by automatically placing a call for help if a fall is detected and the subscriber cannot press his or her personal help button because he or she is disorientated, immobilized, or unconscious after a fall.

HomeSafe Wireless system is another solution that expands Lifeline service to those who do not have a home phone line. Lifeline has HomeSafe Wireless that utilizes AT&T Wireless Network. The HomeSafe Wireless unit can be used with a standard or an AutoAlert button and will automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and the subscriber has been on the floor more than thirty seconds or is not able to press the button due to being disoriented, immobilized, or unconscious after a fall. The HomeSafe systems leverage a wireless communicator that connects users to a 24/7 Response Center.

GoSafe is a mobile personal emergency response system that includes two-way voice communication from a GoSafe pendant and utilizes six location technologies designed to help locate the user. This device works wherever you are in the continental U.S. and can even identify your location, using the AT&T Wireless Network and state-of-the-art locating technologies. GoSafe is the most advanced medical alert pendant with this feature. An alert is sent when you press the button, or senses a fall, and provides direct, two-way communication with our 24/7 Response Center. With GoSafe, you can get out there and enjoy life with peace of mind.

Lifeline has a one-time installation fee of $50.00 and costs start at $39.00 per month after installation. For more information about these services or to subscribe, please call Memorial Hospital’s Lifeline Program Facilitator at (812) 996-2399, option 1, or toll-free at (800) 852-7279, ext. 2399, option 1.