LATEST: Still No Deal Between Memorial Hospital and Anthem as November 27th Deadline Inches Closer


JASPER -- Still no deal.  Memorial Hospital and Anthem have until November 27th to agree on a new contract.

The Jasper hospital released a statement Friday saying the negotiations are ongoing.

Both sides had a teleconference last week and the hospital submitted a counter-proposal to Anthem.  No word today on what that proposal entails.

The hospital has set up a resource center for Anthem patients.  You can call (812) 996 – 6399. 

You can read Memorial's full statement below.

Anthem has also set up a resource center for patients.  

Memorial Hospital's Updated Statement....

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center continues to engage Anthem in ongoing negotiations.  

A meeting was held telephonically this week and Memorial Hospital submitted a counterproposal to Anthem on November, 14, 2019.  Please be assured that Memorial Hospital continues to provide timely information to Anthem.  

The Memorial Health Resource Center will begin proactively reaching out to Anthem insured patients with appointments at Memorial Hospital facilities to provide assistance.  
In addition, the Memorial Health Resource Center can be reached at 812-996-6399, and we are urging all patients with Anthem insurance plans to call to better understand your individual options.  

This free service has been established in alignment with our mission to better support our communities and patients with Anthem insurance plans.

Anthem says Memorial Hospital already receives higher rates than other hospitals of its size and now they want an increase on top of it.

The hospital claims Anthem gives 3% increases to hospitals annually and Memorial has not received such an increase in the last 20 years.

In October, Anthem said in a statement to WITZ... "We continue to negotiate with Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center on a new contract that would keep them in Anthem’s provider network. A national study indicates that insurers currently reimburse MHHCC at a higher level than similar size hospitals in Indiana. But on top of these already high rates, MHHCC is requesting a 9% increase, or $5 million more per year. 

Anthem is mindful about the rising cost of health care and the negative impact this has on our customers, who remain our number one priority as these talks continue."

Memorial Hospital fired back in the comment section of our WITZ Facebook Page.  Officials there said....

"Anthem recently stated they typically provide hospitals with a 3% increase annually.

Memorial Hospital has NOT received this type of increase in the last 20 years. If Anthem had paid MHHCC 3% annually, Memorial Hospital would not be in this situation.

We cannot speak to why Anthem has increased rates for their planned members over the past 20 years. Clearly, the increases have not been paid to your local hospital facility.”