Latest Construction Update in Jasper Courthouse Square Infrastructure and Revitalization Project

Jasper - Partners with the City of Jasper have provided the most recent update for the Courthouse Square Infrastructure and Revitalization Project. 

Representatives of Ragle Construction, Rundell Ernstberger Associates, Dubois County, and the City of Jasper attended a Wednesday meeting. Here is the summary of the discussion:

  • Phase 1 of the waterline has been completed and the old water main has been shut down.
  • The Northeast Quadrant of the Courthouse Square is closed and will remain closed until construction on this quadrant is completed (about 2.5 months).
  • Curb and sidewalk demolition has begun on the Northeast Quadrant of the Courthouse Square.
  • Due to weather, there will be alterations in the schedule.
  • Erosion and stormwater control is being monitored at all times.
  • The crew has set the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) signage for vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the Northeast Quadrant.
  • The construction began on E 7th St and will move towards Main St, then onto E 6th St, and finally make its way to Jackson St.
  • 2-hour public parking is available in the parking lot adjacent to City Hall.
  • Foot traffic will be maintained at all times.

Meetings with contractor representatives will be held bi-weekly with the next one scheduled for August 10th.