Kimball Teaming Up With Students to Go Green

JASPER -- Jasper-based Kimball is teaming up with local high schools to be better stewards of the environment.

This from Matt Crane with the Dubois County Free Press.

The company is calling on its employees, partners, customers and communities to help spread its environmentally-friendly vision in honor of Earth Day in April.

Through the movement, green for good, the company is celebrating small deeds for a better world.

By completing one green deed – big or small – each day, they are hoping to create a cleaner planet together.

Crane reports Kimball is also partnering with area high schools through the work-based learning program to further expand green for good.

The students in the program serve as the ambassadors to the schools to educate their fellow students to bring awareness on the importance of the cause and promote participation.

Becky Schneider, Marketing Communications Manager at Kimball, says QUOTE “Proudly, from the founding days of our company, the holistic thought of sustainability and the importance of the environment has been ingrained in our very being.

The green for good movement continues this mentality and expands it to our community, as well as throughout the country.”