Kimball International Facility in Fordsville Earns SHARPS Re-Certification


FORDSVILLE -- Jasper-based Kimball International’s Fordsville, Kentucky plant has been re-certified by OSHA as a SHAPRS facility.

That stands for the "Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program."  It highlights excellence in workplace health and safety.

This is the plant’s 3rd re-certification since 2011.

During preparation for SHARP eligibility, employers learn how to maintain safe and healthy workplaces through the development and implementation of proven and effective safety and health management systems.

“We strive for an injury-free working environment for our people,” said Vince Cooke, Kimball International’s Director of Safety. “We have always had a deep commitment to the health and safety of our people, and we continue to build on that commitment. From our guiding principles, we know that ‘our people are the company’, and our most valuable asset. During the past 15-year period at our Fordsville location, injuries have been reduced by 100 percent as Fordsville is injury free in 2019. There are many components of our safety program that must be executed flawlessly to achieve an injury-free environment, but none are more critical than the engagement of every employee.”

“This has truly been a great partnership with OSHA (The Kentucky Labor Cabinet). Safety is driven by our people, for our people. “Choices”, our safety campaign has really helped everyone get in that safety mindset. I can truly say that our people take pride in being “My Brother’s Keeper” as they look out for one another. At the end of the day returning home safely to their families is the most important thing to everyone here,” said Fordsville’s Safety Coordinator Leslie Fuqua.