JUST IN: Jasper Has Been Named the Indiana Chamber of Commerce 2018 Community of the Year

From Local Sources

JASPER -- The Indiana Chamber of Commerce announced this morning that Jasper has been named its “Community of the Year” for 2018. The notice was made at a news conference held today at The Parklands of Jasper, its new 75-acre central park.

The “Community of the Year” award is given annually by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to a Hoosier community for significant contributions to its local business climate and overall image.

Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz said the designation is significant. “First of all, we had to be nominated by an Indiana Chamber member and we’re grateful a company thought so highly of what we are doing. To then be named the recipient is a culmination of years of vision, planning and execution by hundreds of people. We are indeed honored.”

“Strong public-private partnerships are at the cornerstone of community success,” says Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar. “Jasper leaders have demonstrated the ability to work together for many years and residents have strongly contributed through their immense pride in their city. Jasper is most deserving of this recognition.”

The award will be presented at the Indiana Chamber’s Annual Dinner in Indianapolis on November 13. A special Community of the Year section is available for Jasper supporters. Learn more at www.indianachamber.com/jasper.

You can see the full announcement below....