Jasper Municipal Water Awarded Utility Safety Award

FROM: Local Sources

JASPER -- The Jasper Municipal Water Utility has been notified it has won the 2018 Wendell LaDue Utility Safety Award from the American Water Works Association.

Jasper Gas & Water Manager Tim Doersam said, “Winning this award is a great accomplishment for our utility. The dedication of our employees to work safely day in and day out, often in extreme conditions, should make the city of Jasper proud.”

The award was established in honor of Wendell R. LaDue, a longtime industry safety advocate. Jasper Personnel/Safety/Loss Control Director Cale Knies indicated the award aligns with the City’s safety programs. “The City’s commitment and dedication to employee health and safety leads directly to quality and safe drinking water for our citizens.”

Jasper General Manager of Utilities, Bud Hauersperger, stated, “I am proud of the Jasper Water Department for receiving this national safety award. All the Jasper Municipal Utilities’ departments work very hard to emphasize the importance of making sure every employee stays safe on the job.”

The award for Class II service providers will be presented at the group’s annual meeting in Las Vegas this coming June.