Jasper Farmers’ Market to Kick Off 2019 Season This Saturday

From the Jasper Farmers' Market / Photo: Facebook 

JASPER -- The Jasper Farmers’ Market will begin its 15th season on Saturday, May 25th, from 8am to 12pm on the green North of the Jasper Train Depot at Jackson Street and 3rd Avenue. 

Our market began its mission in 2005 with the purpose to provide a source of income to local producers, fresh and local produce to customers, and a gathering place to create and develop a greater sense of community.  This would not be possible without the support and sponsorship of the Greater Downtown Jasper Business Association, the City of Jasper, and the Jasper Chamber of Commerce.

Two years ago, we introduced Fresh Bucks. These are $2 tokens that can be used for certain food purchases at the market with a goal of reducing food insecurity. This program continues today where the local WIC office has access to tokens for WIC enrolled households.

We hope future donations and grants will sustain Fresh Bucks throughout the years. More details can be found online.

We also have Gift Bucks. These $1 tokens can be used to purchase any item from a participating vendor. They can be bought as gifts or may be given by vendors to frequent shoppers. 

As is our tradition, the Jasper Farmers’ Market strives to be a producer-only market that requires vendors or their family to grow what is being sold. Our shoppers pride themselves in knowing where their food comes from.

Soon produce vendors will offer strawberries, radishes, herbs, peas, rhubarb and other items available in early spring. Other food vendors will have eggs, beef, pork, chicken, jellies, and pies for sell.  They also offer pretzels, fresh breads, cinnamon rolls, and muffins. Gluten free items may also be available.

The Jasper Farmers’ Market also welcomes local artisans.  I expect we will see clothes, soaps, paper crafts, jewelry, toys and more.  We even have a face painter that frequents the market.

Our market always strives to have something special happening throughout the season for customers and their children.  The first Saturday of every month will continue to include a youth market where children 12 and under can participate free of charge.  

Other youth and student organizations will have the opportunity to participate in the market by selling items they may not grow or bake personally but are responsible for selling to fund raise.

And, of course, new vendors are welcome to participate any Saturday. 

The Jasper Farmers’ Market relies on the honesty and integrity of each vendor to sustain the market’s spirit and become a good neighbor.  We look forward to seeing you there.