ISP Warns Parents to Be Vigilant After THC Candy is Found During Traffic Stop

From Local Sources 

AREA WIDE -- Indiana State Police are warning parents to be vigilant after potent THC cartridges used for vaping were  found locally.

The vials were uncovered during a recent traffic stop in Spencer County.

The potent intoxicant is packaged to look like popular kids cereal brands like Trix, Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms.

Police say this THC is much more dangerous than marijuana.  Most pot in Indiana contains 8 – 12% THC.  This candy is up to 90%.

If a child or adult consumed the entire vial, it could be fatal.

See the full release from Indiana State Police below...

.85-90 % THC Drug Candy Located

Whether you are in favor of legalizing marijuana or not, I think we can all agree this type of packaging is unacceptable. 

In Indiana most marijuana contains between 8-12% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). 

In short if a child or adult were to consume an entire vial of this extremely potent intoxicant it could be fatal.

Indiana State Police Trooper Kaitlyn Greene and her partner K-9 Drogos assisted a Spencer County Deputy who conducted a traffic on the suspect vehicle.
K-9 Drogos provides a positive alert on the vehicle and the above items were located during the search.