Indiana Health Commissioner Warns: "Just Because You're Not Sick Now, It Doesn't Mean You Won't be Tomorrow"


STATEWIDE -- Indiana's State Health Commissioner, Dr. Kris Box, is, once again, urging Hoosiers to practice social distancing.  She expressed her frustration with citizens acting like it's "business as usual" during a press conference with governor Eric Holcomb in Indianapolis Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Box says some individuals continue to congregate outdoors in groups well over 10 people, not practicing social distancing, or following the Stay-at-Home Order the governor issued effective earlier this week.

Box says, just "because you aren't sick now, it doesn't mean you won't be sick tomorrow;" adding everyone in the state needs to take this situation seriously.  She also says young people, who may only have mild symptoms, can still infect older residents and those with compromised immune systems and other unrelated health issues.

The State Health Commissioners acknowledged there were supply chain issues, but say much needed items are being shipped in to the Hoosier state from a national stockpile.

Officials are still speaking.  This story will be updated.