Huntingburg's Market Street Park Receives Placemaking Award During AIM Ideas Summit


HUNTINGBURG -- Market Street Park has received the Placemaking Award recently during the Aim Indiana Annual Ideas Summit.

The award recognizes projects that demonstrate a positive impact of planning, regeneration, urban design or economic development on the physical quality of place and social well-being of a community. 

Huntingburg launched the Market Street Park project to bring an open space for public gatherings to the city’s downtown, reports Matt Crane with the Dubois County Free Press.

 What was once an underutilized parking lot, the park now offers a venue for festivals and events and serves as an organic space for the community to come together. 

The park connects to an urban trail that runs through downtown Huntingburg and features the city’s iconic Old Town Hall, a preserved and renovated 1887 Italianate structure. 

The park is a result of the city’s 2014 Stellar Designation with the state.