Holland Elementary Wants to Renovate Playground, D.C. Community Foundation Makes Donation to Help

From School Sources

HOLLAND -- The Dubois County Community Foundation has presented a check for $10,000 to Holland Elementary School to help with their playground renovation, Principal John Seger told news director David Shepherd Friday morning.

Seger said the school is looking at an "overhaul" of their playground.  The school and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) are considering replacing safety mulch on the playground with a rubberized mulch.  

Seger explained the current mulch is an "on-going cost each year," as it needs to be replaced annually.

The rubberized mulch is long lasting and, in the long run, saves the school money while keeping the kids safe just like the wood mulch does now.

The school started looking at their options toward the end of the last school year and they are still in the early stages of planning.

The PTO plans to meet in October where more definitive information may become available.

Seger said the school may look at restructuring and other equipment for the playground, but it all depends on funding.  He says he's grateful to the Dubois County Community Foundation for their donation.