Greater Jasper Schools Discussing What Will Happen if COVID-19 Forces Closures


JASPER -- Greater Jasper School officials are reaching out to concerned parents about how the coronavirus may eventually impact them.

In a letter sent out yesterday, officials say schools in Jasper will continue normal operations for now.  That could change, however, if a case is confirmed in Dubois County.

If schools do close, instruction will be done virtually through the Canvas learning management system.  Technical support would be available by phone or online during regular school hours.  If your child does not have internet access, contact the school to make other arrangements.  

Jasper Schools are also making plans to provide food services to students who want to participate IF schools do close.

For now, school officials in Jasper are monitoring all non-essential extra-curricular travel and will decide whether to proceed on a case-by-case basis.

Schools have also suspended access to their buildings to volunteers and outside visitors.