Grant Money May Help, But Dubois County Addiction Experts Say More Needs to be Done to Address the Growing Issue


JASPER -- The Dubois County Superior Court has received $60,000 in grant money to help combat addiction in the county.

The Justice Partners Addiction Response Grant is distributed through the Indiana Supreme Court.

"In the past several years, there's been an increase in the [number] of substance abuse disorders that we're treating here," says Shannon Knight with Playful Healing & Counseling in Jasper.  It stands to benefit from the grant money.  She continues, "We treat trauma.  We treat kids, we treat adults, we treat couples."   

Knight says the grant money is a start, but more needs to be done to address addiction in Dubois County.

"There seems to be a lack of service providers in the area, which as been an issue also.  I think we could benefit a treatment facility, inpatient and outpatient."     

Not all addicts will require the same level of care.  Some will need inpatient rehab.  Others can utilize resources already available in the community.

At Playful Healing, they care, not just for the addicts, but for their families as well.

$5,000 of the grant money will be set aside for law enforcement training and education.

The remaining $55,000 will go to two different programs.  The first is the “I Need Help” initiative.  As part of that program, New Visions Counseling Center will provide up to $1,000 worth of substance abuse treatment at no cost to the patient.  To seek help, there are several ways to do it, including by calling local law enforcement or.....

 Dubois County Probation Department (812) 481 - 7075

Community Corrections (812) 481 - 2440

Court Alcohol and Drug Program (812) 482 - 5342

New Visions Counseling (812) 556 - 0182

In the second new program, the courts will partner with Lifespring Health Systems and New Visions to provide up to a $1,000 worth of substance abuse counseling for free to convicted offenders.

They have to be recommended for the care by the Alcohol and Drug Program.

All funds are on a first come, first serve basis.