Gov. Holcomb Admits to Smoking Pot in College, Still Against Legalization in Indiana

By: David Shepherd, News Director 

STATEHOUSE -- Governor Eric Holcomb has admitted he smoked marijuana in college.

The revelations came this week as a reporter asked the governor about his opposition to marijuana legalization here in Indiana.

Holcomb says he doesn’t want to legalize it just because other states are.

That’s when the reporter asked the governor about his own experiences with weed.

Reporter: Have you ever used marijuana?

Holcomb: Yes.

Reporter: Even though it's illegal?

Holcomb: Yes.

Reporter: When'd you use it?

Holcomb: College.

Holcomb has told WITZ Radio News anchor David Shepherd, on several occasions,  that he’s more likely to support legalization of medical marijuana but he insists more information is needed on the subject before he’d be comfortable moving forward.