Gov. Eric Holcomb Says Virus is Real; Vows Not to Take Pandemic Lightly


INDIANAPOLIS -- Gov. Eric Holcomb is not sugarcoating the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The earth is not flat, we did land on the moon, and this pandemic is real," Holcomb said Tuesday. "It is not just affecting our economy, it is not just putting lives on hold it is taking lives."

As the governors other states across the United States take what the feel is appropriate action to contain the spread of the virus, Holcomb said he is doing the same; even considering all possible options, such as a statewide mask mandate.

"We'll continue to consider anything that will help," he said. "This is a combination of factors, by the way. This is a combination of how we conduct our affairs. If we’re being smart about physical distancing, about wearing masks, about all the recommendations."

Holcomb did not specify how seriously he is considering a statewide mask mandate. For now, the decision of whether or not to require you to wear a mask in public is up to local municipal and county leaders.

"Nothing is off the table if the data and the science, which drive our decision making, cause us to consider other alternatives," added Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett.

Indiana is still in Holcomb's "Phase 4.5" of the reopening process. The state has been at that point in the process for the better part of the last month ever since a resurgence of the virus started.

States like California and Texas have gone as far as backtracking in the reopening process.