Expert Weighs in On Reopening The Local Economy as Experts Hope They've Flattened the Curve of COVID-19 Cases


STATE WIDE--The reopening of the economy in Indiana will likely be a journey into the unknown. 

Gerry Dick with Inside Indiana Business says the only thing that is clear right now is that there are many questions about what a reopening will look like and what businesses might make it back successfully.

"Small business owners or those people who have their own businesses who have seen revenue shrivel to virtually zero, they want to get back open," said Dick on Tony Katz and the Morning News. "There are some indications if you look at the numbers...that the flattening of the curve is happening here."

Dick said when the economy is restarted that the "landscape will be different". It's not yet clear how many businesses will actually be able to hold out.

"We haven't realized it yet. We haven't seen it yet, but it's going to be felt. As things begin to get better on the virus front, you're gonna see some business failures and those types of things happen."

He said the comeback may happen at different paces for different kinds of businesses.

"On the retail side, how are consumers going to react once things do open up? Are thy going to be going out and do things as they had before?"

He pointed out that the convention and visitors industries and tourism will likely be affected substantially, but as with most businesses, it's not clear yet how.