Each State Should Now Test For Coronavirus, IU Health to Start Screening

STATEWIDE --  IU Health is offering free virtual coronavirus screenings. 

Saturday, IU officials announced their new screening process through the IU Health Virtual Care app. 

Health care professionals say they prefer patients to use the app rather than the emergency room.

You can download the free app on Google Play or iTunes under "IU Health Virtual Visits."

Every state in the U.S. is now able to test it's citizens for the coronavirus.

Vice-President Mike Pence told Fox News over the weekend the Trump Administration has changed rules when it comes to testing for certain diseases. It used to be up to federal labs to cover it, but now state labs can test for the disease at their own discretion.

Pence said if you think you are showing symptoms you should get tested.

"If I became aware that I'd been in contact or in proximity to someone who was found to have the coronavirus and that I have the symptoms, that be the time to seek a test," Pence said.

But, Pence stresses there is no need to panic.

"There is no need for Americans to stock pile food or stock pile water," he added. "The risk of contracting the coronavirus for the average American remains very low and the risk of a serious outcome even if you do contract the virus is also very low."

So far, three cases of the coronavirus have been discovered in Indiana. Two people who attended a convention in Boston returned with the virus and an elementary school student in Avon has also become ill.

Across the U.S, Over 500 people have come down with the virus and 22 have died.