Dubois Weather Siren out of service

The weather siren in Dubois is currently out of service. Steve Kalb, Chief of Dubois Fire Department; and Tammy  Humbert, Director of Dubois County Emergency Management are encouraging all residents of  Dubois to be aware of the problem and to verify that their SAME weather radios have fresh  batteries and are ready to notify you of any severe weather coming to the area.  

We also encourage ALL citizens of Dubois County to do the same as the sirens in the county are  put in place as a backup only to notify residents outside of threatening weather that is  approaching. Sirens are not to replace your own notification process such as a NOAA weather  radios. 

We are currently in Severe Weather season and are expecting severe weather this evening  through Tuesday. Please have a plan in place in the event that severe weather does effect Dubois  County. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Dubois County EMA office at 812-482- 2202.